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David Tepper Net Worth

David Tepper

Date of Birth
Sep 11, 1957 (60 years old)
United States of America
David Tepper net worth:
$10 Billion

David Tepper net worth: David Tepper is an American businessman and philanthropist who has net worth of $10 billion dollars which makes him one of the richest people in New Jersey. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, David Tepper graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, and then earned his M.B.A. from Carnegie Mellon University. He began his professional career in finance, working for Equibank. After completing his Masters, he began working for Republic Steel. He began working for Keystone Mutual Funds in the mid-80s. This led to a job offer from Goldman-Sachs, where he worked for eight years, ultimately ascending to head trader on a high-yield desk. He founded his own company, Appaloosa Management in 1993. Appaloosa Management has stayed afloat relatively well compared to other companies during the current economic downturn. In 2011, he reportedly sold interests in Yahoo, Pfizer, HP, and Bank of America, and purchased additional stakes in oil refineries and General Motors. He also gave $7 million to various food banks, and gave $55 million to Carnegie Mellon’s business school.

David Tepper ATM Receipt: Tepper is perhaps most famous for withdrawing $400 from an ATM in the Hamptons and accidentally leaving the receipt. The next person who used the ATM found his receipt and noticed his account balance was close to $100 million! The ATM receipt was posted on the internet and became sensation:

David Tepper ATM Receipt

David Tepper Net Worth